Sport hairstyles

The Best Haircuts for Men in Sport

More and more young people are choosing a healthy lifestyle and are striving to create a harmonious body. A comfortable hairstyle is one of the factors that affect the athlete’s mood during training.

Most often men who are keen on sports choose short options. Hair during exercise does not bring any discomfort and does not overheat the head. It does not require too much time for care. Almost all famous athletes, who can be seen on the screen or in glossy magazines, look very stylish with short hairdos. Representatives of powerlifting sports and wrestling as well as swimmers and boxers are top examples.

A variety of sports styles is mainly based on long-known haircuts. And the most fashionable hairstyles for male athletes in this season would be those:

  • “Tennis” – a short cropped head and temples, and the hair on the vertex is slightly longer. Using gel for styling, you can get the hair stand upright. There are many variations of length from the ultrashort to the impressive strands on the crown.
  • Undercut – a combination of a shaved temporal part and a long bang at the occiput and parietal area. This one is suitable for those who wear a beard.
  • Butch – laconic, short and dynamic. The best variant for wrestling and contact sports. The best option for owners of oily or thin hair. The minimum length allows washing hair less often.


Is it possible to make a variety in the classics? Stylists say that even to the most traditional versions, you may add individual traits. So why don’t you follow these simple tips:

  • Experiment with length.
  • Change the shape.
  • Use styling.

Styling the sports haircut is also simple. Clean and slightly damp hair should be combed back or on one side. And if they are short, you can just shake your head and your hair will be ready. To fix a very fashionable styling use hair spray. And having laid the cut with a hair dryer and combed it on one side, you can do without fixing products.

To be stylish and sexy, just monitor new trends. Regular visits to a salon at least once a month will give an opportunity to keep the shape. And washing hair with a proper chosen shampoo, natural essential oils in your daily will make the hair denser. After all, you may try to prepare masks and mousses at home using only organic ingredients.

Proper care for a sporting haircut can make a man an object of close attention to others.