Thin hair

Practical Male Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Not everyone can boats thick hair: on the contrary, many members of the stronger sex have thin, soft, and often rare hair. But do not be sad. Even those with thinning strands can choose something suitable for themselves among the fashionable options.

Experienced barbers have perfected several techniques for giving extra volume and propose the best haircuts for men with thin hair. Here are some brand-name tricks:

  • Graduated haircuts. Such haircuts due to the use of the step-by-step cutting at a certain angle give the short cut a visual lightness and airiness. And with an average and longer hair, it helps to smooth out the wrong facial features.
  • Feathering of the hair. –°an be performed using a special scissors or shaving machine. Masterfully executed feathering adds extra visual effect.
  • A stiff or asymmetric bang may add more volume, but it is important that a professional cut it perfectly. Any bang outline the open face.

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