Short hairstyles

Trendy Short Men’s Haircuts: Top 10

Short men’s haircuts of this season are surprising with a variety of shapes, while the fashion offers stylish options for men of all ages and professions. The main thing is to choose a model suitable for the type of face and hair. A good hairdresser can always help you with this.

Here are top 10 short men’s haircuts, read about them:

  1. Box. Can easily be combined with casual garments’ style and with a business suit. The universality of the haircut is the lack of extravagant details, which allows it to be worn by men of completely different appearance and way of life. But hairdressers do not advise this option for men with very dark and rare hair. In this case, the scalp will shine through, and such a cut will not look very attractive.
  2. Half-box.  Envisages the average length on the crown and almost “bare” whiskey, while the transition is smooth and soft. An important feature is the place of the edging on the back of the head or slightly below it. Successfully combined with its various bang options: oblique, asymmetrical, straight, long or short.
  3. Crew сut. A model that assumes a certain density of hair. Successfully combined with an oval type of face. Crew сut is not conservative, therefore allows the presence of bangs.
  4. Undercut. Envisages radically removed temples, sometimes only on one side. However, this haircut is not recommended for men who prefer classic suits, as well as owners of wavy hair. The ideal styling is combing the hair back.
  5. “Grunge” – the choice of creative people who prefer a mess in the styling: asymmetrical bangs, slight carelessness. Usually done on long tops, with shaved temples. Especially suitы to men with curly and messy curls.
  6. “Gavroche” is preferred by men of Asian appearance. With this laying, hairdressers usually do not cover r ears and greatly remove the volume from the temples, leaving only “feathers”. The bulk of the hair remains in the parietal area.
  7. Canadian. Although this is a sporty haircut, it can look quite respectable. It’s definitely business style. It is good for any oval face, suitable for hair with a different texture. Assumes many styling options.
  8. Iroquois – a tall scallop on the top and other parts are shaved – a classic option. But it may not be so radical, if you leave a little length on the temples.
  9. Flattop. The hair on the vertex is given an absolutely even appearance, while the tanks and the neck are shaved. Optically the face acquires a square shape.
  10. British. The strands should be at least 10 cm. First, shorten the hair of the occipital part, then they cut the temples. The bangs are left long and are often combed back to visually increase the volume.
  11. It can easily be adapted to individual preferences and worn with or without a parting, with or without a bang. The bangs of natural length are neatly laid on the side or to the back of the head.

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